Tuesday, February 2, 2010

ProActiv for Palin

Is it just me or is there anyone else in this world who thinks that Sarah Palin is an idiot? I was really hoping that she would just fade away like a bad haircut or acne. But she's like a bad rash! It was lucky enough that the United States dodged a major bullet when Grandpa McCain picked her as a running mate and Obama (who I have some issues with right now) managed to pull it off. But NOW, now she's like the kind of strange person you half smile at in Starbucks just to be nice, and they think it's an invitation to sit down and chat-awkwardly present. It seems as if we're stuck with her! She's an analyst now?! What brainiac thought that was a good idea? I know she does have a journalism degree and she's entitled ( I guess) to pursue such a career. However, I really don't want to hear any news from someone who makes moose jerky and has some shady business tactics. Where there no jobs as a flautist available? The root of this rant however, is seated in jealousy. I've been laboring (to no avail) to find a suitable journalism gig and all she has to do is walk out of her job and into another one. Where is the justice? Oh well. I'm going to buy a box of crayons and see how long it takes me to work my way through her book. Should be fun.